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A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude. — Denis Waitley

Happiness… consists in giving, and in serving others.
Henry Drummond

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. — Charles Spurgeon

Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.
Abraham Lincoln

Realize that true happiness lies within you. Waste no time and effort searching for peace and contentment and joy in the world outside. Remember that there is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving. Reach out. Share. Smile. Hug. Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself. — Og Mandino

Of  je nu directeur bent van een groot bedrijf, huisvrouw, of  je  je  eigen  praktijk  hebt, man of  vrouw  bent  ik  houd  je  graag  een spiegel voor  en  assisteer   je  naar  het   succes, door  het  behalen  van te  voren  exact  bepaalde doelen. Of  het nu gaat over afvallen, doorbreken van verslavingen (als  sex  verslaafde,  alcohol  verslaafd  bent  , huiselijk  geweld,  problemen  hebt  met  je partner  of   je  kinderen   zijn  niet  optimaal, opvoeding, babies, gezondheid en  je   hebt  veel  ambities  maar  ondanks  je   harde  inspanningen  heeft  dit  nog  weinig  resultaten  opgeleverd  of  wil  je  ondersteuning  en begeleiding  in  je management  functie, pesten en  treiteren, intimidatie en  nog  veel méér).  Welke  stappen  wil  je  zetten ik  ben  bij   je   gedurende   je   reis  in  je  persoonlijk  of   professioneel  leven  als   een vertrouwenspersoon. Mijn  second  opinion  aan  jou  is altijd op zijn  plaats.

People don't understand you. But We Do Support You with Your Good or Well Thought Intentions to create WEALTH - HEALTH - and HAPPINESS
People don’t understand you. But We Do Support You with Your Good or Well Thought Intentions to create WEALTH – HEALTH – and HAPPINESS


I  help  these  kind  of  People

It  is a privilege to have you visit my website.  Welcome   here  to  be  my  guest  reader.

Don’t worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart. And God’s peace, which is far beyond human understanding, will keep your hearts and minds safe in union with Christ Jesus. -Philippians 4:6-7

Whether your visit to this site is motivated by mere curiosity or a deeper, more personal concern, I hope to have the opportunity to serve you. It takes a measure of courage and personal risk to consider seeking assistance in your life development  or  speak  with  someone  about  your  worries  in  order  to  solve  your  problem. It  is  also  an  indication that  you  value  your  personal  growth  and  you want  to  rise  above  your  challenges  and pursue your life potential with intentionality.

This is why I count it a privilege to have you visit my web page.

What brings you to my website? Is there something that hinders you from being what you want to be or having the kind of life you want? Is there something that weighs you down and you wish you could cut it loose and pursue the life you desire? Are you feeling frustrated, disappointed or stuck in your personal relationships? Do you feel like you lack the skills that will help you develop the life and relationships you want? Would you like to be more clear and self-directed in your life choices, goals and path? These are the concerns I have been working with in my years of professional service and I would like to make my coaching expertise available to you.
There are many diverse life stories, challenging issues and personal goals that have led individuals to engage my services. Here are some of the more common themes with which I work:

Individuals who feel stuck or confused in their lives (whether personally or professionally) or feel they lack the clarity and personal power to see, name and reach for a better life.

Individuals who feel they are locked into an unhealthy pattern in a key relationship (a
partner relationship, a problematic parent-child relationship, a family of origin relation
ship) robbing them of their joy or personal life development.

Individuals who have a particular issue in their lives that holds them back or drags them
down. They are often weary, frustrated or unable to accept or forgive themselves fully
so they can move forward in their personal growth.

Individuals who feel their life is out-of-balance, chaotic, or mired in the duties and obligations of daily living and they have lost their vision of what they want.

Individuals who are clear on what it is they desire to achieve but have struggled to maintain the ‘staying power’ to achieve their goal.

You may find it helpful to read the “Next  pages  with  different  kind  of  solutions  that  I  can  offer  you” the  next  pages  serve  as  examples of my work.  Talk   is  cheap,  I  believe  in  results  even  if  you  have  to  work  on  your  dream,  you  need  a  road  to  travel  to  get  there.  I promise  you  that  I can deliver  results  for  your  life,  not  overnight  results  but  change  need  effort  to  make  a  lasting  positive  impact  in  your  life  and  in  the  lives  of  others  around  you.  

Do you have concerns similar to these? Are you ready to invest in yourself and your future in a deliberate and effective effort to bring forth the life that is within your potential? I invite you to follow through on the feelings and inclinations that led you to this website.

Your busy life doesn’t need to keep you from pursuing your goals. Take advantage of the flexibility and convenience of my coaching services. We can have  a  consultation  by  your  choice:  There  are  three  options

To  be  able  to  help  you  I  would  like  to  understand  more  about  your  personal  situation,  what  kind  of  HELP  you  would  like  to  receive  from  us.  Please  fill  in  the  questionnaire   if  you  would  like  to  get  a  short   free  consultation  from  us.   Please  contact   us  by  filling  in  the  survey  why  you  are   here  !

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If  you  want   to  become   a  member   of  my  site  and  receive  information.  The  best way to  receive  help- videos   audios  en  receiving  tips /  information  up-to-date encouragement  is  by  subscription  to  my  newsletters  so  you  can  have  my  information / invitation  at  your   fingertips  sended  right   into   your   inbox   to   you   and  other   members only.

I  would  like  to  get  to  know  you  so  to  receive  the  videos  what  we  can  mean  for eachother, how  I  will  be  able  to  help  you  out  of  the  undesirable  situation,  you would receive   the  first   three  videos  to  support  you  as  your  confidant.

Support  on   a  very  personal  level  is  the only  way  to receive  FAST  STABLE   & LONGTERM Success.  I  want   you  to  get  out  of  the  old  circumstances   as  much as  You DO  !

I   have  here  an  example  of  a  gentleman –  learn  about  his  life  experience  whose  can  also  look  like  that   one  of  yours.  But  don’t  be  afraid  get  me  as  your  coach  and  we  are  going  to  work  on your  problems,  but  DARE  to  face  it  first  a  book  an  appointment  with  me  to  follow  the  trainings  before  you  can  see  the  results  happening  in  your  life :

Appreciate   and  Welcome  All  Challenges  That  Comes   Your   Way

Because those things are what make you better and stronger, looking back at Steve’s life, I remembered the moment, when he was fired from Apple, he thought that was the end, and that ended his career, and he was thinking to move out of the state, but according to Steve, that was the best thing that happened to him, that made him more hungry and more creative, and according to him, these 10 years outside of Apple, where the most creative years of his life, and he proved himself, by coming back, like a champ to the throne, and took leadership again.

Testimonial  of  a  client :  In my life, where we faced challenges, and issues, and we thought it was the end, and remember how were these are the ultimate opportunities. Me personally about 6 years ago, I was so much in debt, between credit card and mortgage, and loans I was over $120,000 in debt, and I thought my life was over, and I was about to declare bankruptcy, but with little thinking and going into problem solving mode, and with encouragment and help of other friends and family, I was able to pass this crisis, and now I am proudly that for the past 3 years, I have been debt free, and not only that, I became better at managing money, and my business is growing every day.

Now I encourage you, to think about your life, and think about the most negative experiences that you went through, I know it is hard, but now think how they make you stronger and better today.

The most influential person in my life has been

A professor at Georgetown. He told us that he didn’t care if we passed or failed, he just wanted us to learn.

Help  you  on  All  levels  :   Creating  –  Wealth –    Health –    Happiness    such  as     change   your  thoughts.  Change  your  friends,  Change    your   home,  Change  your weight,  Change  your  health  ,  and  Change  your  Business,  Change   your  Bank-account  income.  Buying  your own  house  for  a  very  cheap  price. Or  renting  for  an  all   most   nothing  place  to  live   in the  mean  time  that   you   are  going  to   set-up   your   life   on  track   again   or   busy   with building   yourself  an  income   in  a  work  that  have  to be  done.  No  worries  about  your mortgage  anymore,  low   costs   on  Medical  costs &  care  which  we  can  not  afford.  You can  talk  with  me  about  everything,  share with  me   your  most  secret   thoughts. What  if you  are  at  the  moment  in  place  that you  are  sick   and  you  don’t have  the  money  to live  on, what  are  you  going  to  do ?  I   have  found  a  solution   for   you   because   I  know how   it   feels   to   be   afraid   and  is  really    in  that   situation.  JOIN  for Free !  The   Magazine   is   free   but   to   get   to  know   the   information   that   you   need   and    want   to   solve  your   problem this  will   cost   money.  The   longer   you   are   going  to  wait   the more   money  you are   going  to  spend   in  your   situation   you    are   in   at   the  moment. I   will   help   you   understand   more   about   the   reality    and   value   of   what   MONEY   really   means   to  us,  not   in   the   filosophical   way   or  New-Age   way  of  thinking   but   in a   more practical,  economical   and   scientific   approach    of   what   money   is  and   why   you   still have   so   less   of   it.  I  am  focusing   on  more   people   who   are   really   in NEED   first   but    the  one   who   would  love   to   understand   more   about   this knowledge  to  pass   this   on  to  someone  else   like   your   own  children   or   family   can   contact  me   for advice. As  a Money  – Therapist  we are  going to  face the  value  the power  and  the danger  of  Money. What  does   this  really  mean  for you as  an  individual. Course  “Money,  Let  ‘s   Talk  about  it  ”   would  be   offered   to  you for   free   the  first   video   or   session.  Speak  to  me   Not   without    costs.  After watching  the  videos, you can  ask  for  my  Coaching  or  my  Consultancy  Fees. If   you have  any  questions,  just   send   me   an   email    after   your   subscription.

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Victory Doesn’t Always Come Overnight!

Implementation – Coach  :   December  07, 2013

You may not have  seen  how any of those things you are believing in can come true  for you  because  they  haven’t, no matter how hard you’ve tried to work for them to happen. But God can change what you cannot. He will turn your disappointments around and lead you into the bright future he has prepared for you. He will take the “dis” and give you an appointed story or message or mission. Even  when  everything  turn  out  great for you, the  journey  you  have  to  take  to  get  there  needs  a  compagnon  to  share the highs and  the  lows  in  your  Life. I  would  love  to  be  there  as   a  witness  of  your Life-journey.Sometimes we  go through things that  we don’t understand today, but  we will understand better in the  future. God may reveal it or we will be able to look back and see God’s wisdom and hand in our life. We will see that he was directing our steps all along. We don’t always know what’s best for our lives, but God does.He gives you his Word: As for me,  My  Way is perfect. Anyone who puts his trust in me will never be disappointed. [2 Samuel 22:31, Isaiah 49:23] This  is  a  quote  from  The  Bible. For Better  &  Closer  understanding  of  things,  just   pick  it  up  and  read   the   examples  and  Metafors  of What is Life About  …..


My   purpose  is  to  help  you  find   the  flame  back  in  you  AGAIN

                 So here’s a song to get you started 

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What will  happen  5  Years  from  Now  ?

I   thought  he  is  soo   funny  he  definately  will  crack  you  up :  he  looks  really   strange,  in  case  you  have  doubts  about  your  looks,  so  more   stranger  looking  then  him, is  almost  not  possible  , I  would  recommend  you  to   have  a  glance  of  this  inspirational  talk  and   maybe   we  can  help  you   to  achieve  your  goals. Do  not  hesitate  to  write  to  us  and  share  your  problem  about  HOW   we  can  help  you.  Starting  from  point   zero  with   :   ” Asking   for   the  right   kind   of  HELP.  ”

“… for  every   disability   you   have,  you  are  blessed   with more   than  enough   abilities   to   overcome   your challenges.”

No Arms. No Legs. No Limits.


____*   Just  ask  for  the  right  kind  of  HELP  –   Is    My   Own   Quote   *___

People don't understand you
People  don’t  understand   you    ;   oR   there  is  no  one   who  wants   to   support  you.


“Buckminster Fuller’s philosophy was that we should all be doing what we are in an unique position to do and what needs to be done. We shouldn’t be doing things just to make money. There are principles in the universe that support us in doing what we are uniquely talented and inspired to do. That’s part of the design of the universe. Buckminster Fuller gave up trying to make money in order to make sense.”
-Deborah Grace, communications coordinator

We    are    here   to   help   clients   moving   forward   to  the   NEXT    STEP

Are you in dire need of a life makeover? Do you grapple with ANY of these all too familiar struggles of being in survive mode, such as:

Overwhelmed with ridiculous work hours?
Unhappy in your love life, or day job?
Majorly unfulfilled and scrambling to figure out your life’s purpose?
Depressed about being stuck and broke?

Are you craving awe-inspiring and complete TRANSFORMATION that has the capacity to propel you to fulfill your innermost hopes and dreams? Have you just settled into a place in life that’s allowed you to be “comfortable,” and caused you to decide it was just no big deal to give up on all of your childhood dreams?

The Confidential-Coach  is here to show you the fool-proof formulas for identifying and leveraging all of your latent talents and skills (‘cause I know you’ve got some) in order to effortlessly manifest the exact beautiful and favorable circumstances pertaining to your career, finances, romances, self-love, dreams, and overall happiness. You’ll learn how to align your mind with the vibration of what you desire most, gain newfound perspective on your life, the 7 step process for creating and following through with an intuitive goal, and much much more.

I  have been consciously practicing the art of tapping into this greatly unused resource called Intuition for over 30 years.  I  am  into spirituality   for  a  very  long  time  and digging deep  into  the  force  behind  us  and  the  science  that  connects  all  life  and  materials with eachother  and  I  am  an  emerging  thought  leader  in  the  area  of  what some have dubbed “new-age” philosophy, and is a part of the new breed of responsible  conscious entrepreneurs  that  are  passionate  about  engraining  serious  play, creativity, purpose, and  deep-soul  connection into the foundations of their businesses and lives.

This   is  the  time  to  have  your   personal  coach  that   will show  you just how to:

Follow your gut feelings, hunches, and inklings to greatness
Create a full-blown romantic relationship with your intuition that will ripple into every area of your life
Naturally create flow and develop the intuitive skills to succeed with any goal you conceive of
Make only the best decisions and feel good about decision making overall
Reconnect  with and  manifest  forgotten  desires
Figure  out  your  purpose
Reawaken dreams you  stopped allowing  yourself  to  have
Kick your goals in the  you-know-what!
Make money
Find love
Be the most awesome version of yourself

 12  Rules  for  Success

1) Believe  in Your  Talent

2) **** the #LittleMan

3) Be  Awesome  in  your  work

4) Speak your Mind  when  it  is  needed

5) Help your Friends  be  more  helpful  individuals

6) Give  GOOD people  Opportunities

7) Don’t be  Afraid for  bad  people

8) Don’t Follow the  WRONG  authoritarian  Rules (especially  when  it comes  from bad people)

9) Do What You Believe  is  the  right  thing  to  do

10) Be  the  best  part  of  Yourself

11)  And  do  not  forget  always  to  work  hard  &  do  your best

12)  Don’t  spend  your  money  on  bullshit  stuff  or  people

Envision what it would be like to close the gap between the person you are today, and the person you know in your deep Intuitive Mind you were meant to be. It doesn’t have to be a fantasy. The universe shows up in monumental ways once you allow yourself to say YES. This book organically guides you towards your dream life and is the roadmap towards many personal successes. If your intuition is telling you to take the next step, make the decision to follow these practical yet powerful techniques TODAY. Don’t waste time exhausting yourself for the next 6 months to 10 years. I invite you to live an ABUNDANT  LIFE, for your  life  will never be  the  same –  changing  for  the  GOOD.

“Happy birthday, my Bean,” the actor, 47, wrote. “15 years today! When you were born, it took about two seconds to realize that I was willing to die for you. Thank you for correcting my heart and teaching me how to live without constriction or condition.”

Remember  this : ‘”  If  it   does   not   challenge  you,  it   does  not   CHANGE   you  “

 Dare  to   Live   Your   Dream  otherwise,  you   just   live  Your   Life   on  skin   branches


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